We proudly announce the merger of CTS Inspection Services and PRO NDE Services to create PRO Inspection Services, a comprehensive inspection and project-management company to serve your business needs.

We bring together the best of both companies to offer all industrial markets a broader range of API test and inspection services, alongside the latest advancements in nondestructive testing (NDT). Two accomplished companies now one powerhouse, PRO Inspection Services is an optimized team focused on efficiency, accountability, and customer service.

We’re excited to tell you about the successful entities that are now PRO Inspection Services.

PRO NDE has been setting the bar in industrial testing since 1984 with experienced technicians and world-class knowledge. Based in Odessa, Texas, PRO NDE has provided NDT – radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, and visual testing – and positive material identification (PMI) services for industrial fields, including oil and gas, on equipment, such as pipes, weld joints, compressors, pressure vessels, and other fabricated products.

CTS brings to PRO Inspection Services top professionals working in refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, and on offshore platforms. Based in Snyder, Texas, CTS has been successfully leading myriad projects, including turnarounds, shutdowns, capital projects, and plant expansions.

CTS has also been supplying project managers and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) inspection personnel for pipelines, fieldwork, compressor stations, and plants.

PRO Inspection Services, with 75 full time employees, flexing up to 200 experts in over 75 locations, is an elite, full-service inspection shop designed to keep your business running safely and efficiently.