PRO Inspection Services Upgrades Package of Tools to PIPE-FLO®

The Engineering Department of PRO Inspection Services is proud to report that with continuous efforts and over a year of work with Plains All American, LP, our design tools have been recently upgraded from Flow of Fluids to PIPE-FLO® by Engineered Software, Inc. This upgrade will aid in the latest project which will include the design of gathering system involving more than 20 surface sites.cts-new-fg_c3becbe3093fbb16983a66554f30ed17

PIPE-FLO® features a graphical interface that allows for a cleaner and clearer system design. This aids in evaluating multiple design cases, making system design simpler and easier. With PIPE-FLO®, the usage of large spreadsheets to calculate flows, pressure drops, pumping requirements, and other parameters are eliminated.

Backed up with a skilled and experienced design team as well as improved design tools such as PIPE-FLO®, PRO Inspection Services is committed to providing the industry with reliable products and services. We guarantee excellent engineering and designing services for your facilities and pipelines across the West Texas area.

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