PRO Inspection Services Increases Efficiency and Lowers Turnaround Times with a Mobile Inspection Application

Wouldn’t it be great to track the progress of an inspection event and have access to your inspection data in realtime? Now you can. With PRO Inspection Services’ roll-out of Envoc’s Spotter electronic mobile inspection application, customers have the option for PRO Inspection Services to perform their inspections via intrinsically safe electronic tablets, receive data in real time & provide inspection reports customized to their

Mobile apps eliminate several steps from traditional inspection process including re-entering manual pen & paper information to a computer, manually labeling photos, and compiling reports. With new app technology, photos of the site can easily be shared for further analysis, reducing the number of site visits to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. Built-in tablet hardware including cameras and microphones provide several advantages including talk-to-text microphone functionality for easier input of lengthy data. Audio and video tablet functions also allow inspectors to deliver needed information through visual mediums while at the same time making quick repair and fix decisions. Reports are now automatically generated and documented through the tablet based from the initial inspection.These features save time and money while reducing potential errors as well as providing accurate, safe, and reliable inspections.

With more than 5,000 inspections performed per year, PRO Inspection Services regularly looks for efficient ways in managing inspection reporting processes not only for the company, but also for its customers. As a trusted provider of reliable on-site inspections for the oil and gas industries, PRO Inspection Services invests in documentation control and storage infrastructure for better inspection reporting process management. Addressing the need for more effective ways to inspect data, obtain pictures, compile, review, transmit, and store inspection reports, PRO Inspection Services has turned to a mobile application projected to speed up the current report administration process by up to 50-75%.

cts-mobileThe new PRO Inspection Services mobile app operates on a Class I, DIV II Tablet/iPad featuring a user-friendly design, real time data dashboard access, as well as customizable and configurable data input reports for faster data entry. As inspection data is now immediately accessible and automatically populates data to report format, reports are easily organized and inspection plan progress is easier to track.

The PRO Inspection Services app not only eliminates unnecessary data re-entry process, but also lowers inspection times, cuts overall inspection costs, and reduces potential re-work. This leads to better customer service and more completed inspections per day, week, and year. “This brings big value to clients in terms of the expediency of reports and the reduction in labor hours,” shares Nelson Carthel, VP of Operations at PRO Inspection Services.

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